Returns the details of the given record of the given database table

This request is used for getting the information of the given database table record as well as its system parameters such as:
Id - Database table record ID
InfoName - MetaName of database table
ModifiedStamp - Date and time the database table record was last modified


Argument Type Description
dbid GUID  The ID of the database
table String  The name of the database table
id GUID  The ID of the record



Name Type Options Description
ETag String  ETag of object
Id GUID  The id of the object
InfoName String  The name of the object
IsMarkedAsDeleted Boolean  Indicates that the object is marked for deletion
ModifiedStamp Date  Last modified of object
Properties Array of name: value  List of properties of an object

  1. GET api/databases/ec5a34c2-7062-4be7-ade9-c15acefcdbb8/tables/Notifications/634ab5fb-75cb-41a3-b706-704b7a7cf0f3
  2. Accept: text/json
  3. Accept-Encoding: deflate
  4. Host: localhost:6496
  5. Cookie: sid=d8ee1782-edf8-4ca0-88df-514db7d23043
  1. Transfer-Encoding: chunked
  2. Content-Encoding:
  3. Cache-Control: no-store
  4. Content-Type: text/json; charset=utf-8
  5. Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:56:43 GMT
  6. Set-Cookie: sid=d8ee1782-edf8-4ca0-88df-514db7d23043; path=/;
  7. Server: Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0
  9. {
  10. "Id": "634ab5fb-75cb-41a3-b706-704b7a7cf0f3",
  11. "InfoName": "Notifications",
  12. "ModifiedStamp": "2012-12-21T16:53:29.7320511+02:00",
  13. "Properties": {
  14. "Id": "634ab5fb-75cb-41a3-b706-704b7a7cf0f3",
  15. "RecipientUser": "ae18dea5-4f60-4f70-ae31-d8052984e31e",
  16. "DatabaseId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  17. "NotificationName": "Overdue task event (Executor)",
  18. "New": true,
  19. "Tag": "bd4bec9c-84bf-4647-80d0-775150a0c881",
  20. "Urgent": true,
  21. "Tags": null,
  22. "CreatorUser": "943ed8ca-efd5-4315-842d-b52c3c7becc6",
  23. "EventKind": "OverdueEventKind",
  24. "Subject": "You have delayed task ‘T2688’",
  25. "Description": "Task: ‘Celebrate the end of the world’\r\nDue date: 21.12.2012 8:00\r\nAssignments: admin",
  26. "CreatedTime": "2012-12-21T16:53:29.7270506+02:00",
  27. "Read": false,
  28. "Url": "centriqs://findentity/T2688",
  29. "ModifiedStamp": "2012-12-21T16:53:29.7320511+02:00"
  30. }
  31. }