You can duplicate one task or multiple tasks including their subtasks.

To duplicate a task

1. Right-click the task you want to copy, and then click Duplicate.

2. In the Duplicate Options dialog box, on the General tab, click the Ellipsis button in the Target Parent box, and then in the Tasks dialog box, click the task which will be parent for the task you want to copy.

Note You can leave the Target Parent box empty, if the duplicated task requires no parent.

3. Select the Duplicate Sub Items check box if you want to copy the task with all its subtasks.

4. Click the down-pointing triangle in the Folder box, and then click the required folder to relate the duplicated task to a certain folder.

5. Click the down-pointing triangle in the Link To box, click the required entity type, and then, in the appropriate dialog box, click the entity you want to link the duplicated task to.

6. Select the check boxes next to the task properties you want to duplicate, and then click OK.

Note Make sure there is no filter that hides the duplicated task from the Tasks view.