In too many organizations, client support service receives little attention. According to the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), about 65% of all customers decide to look for new stores because they are treated with indifference and poor quality at their current ones. These findings should make businesses critically look at their service and find a customer support system that could streamline client requests and better serve complaints. Such a system should help build beneficial customer relationships and organize company workflows.


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Building Customer Relationships

The key to satisfactory support service lies in building beneficial relationships with partners and clients. The life of any business organization depends on the ability to establish quality relationships by understanding and focusing on the needs of customers. Without exceptional service businesses suffer from lack of customer loyalty and poor commitment.

Customer support system makes it possible for your company to build customer relationships and ensure loyalty that cannot be copied. Your personnel will treat clients and partners with respect and so your business will achieve and sustain a competitive edge. With help of customer support system your employees will provide exceptional service which is based on these conditions:

  • Provide clients with complete information they request
  • Make customer experience with your products and services easy and satisfying
  • Receive, process and respond to complaints quickly and effectively

CentriQS lets you meet these criteria of exceptional service. This system offers you customer support solutions that let you keep all information on your business activities in a single database. Any time when your employees need to provide their clients with some essential information they can access the database and retrieve required records. Everything from products and sales stats to warranty policies and delivery terms will be available for your personnel. They are enabled to quickly get needed data and process client requests and orders.

Building Customer Relationships

Organizing Customer Support Workflow

Running a customer support department entails a great deal of time and effort and can result in a stressful work environment. Managers and business owners have to carefully prepare and organize department workflows to ensure that every employee knows what goals to achieve, what tasks to compete and what requirements to follow. In case of wrong assignment, poor collaboration and lack of experience the department may fail with support service, and therefore the company will lose trusted and loyal customers.

In order to avoid failure and ensure customer loyalty you need to organize efficient workflows in your support service department. And customer support system will help you address this challenge. It will let you maximize output from your personnel and reduce work-related stress. In particular, CentriQS provides you with the following customer support solutions to help you organize department workflows:

  • File sharing - your personnel are enabled to collaboratively work on various documents which can be stored in your database.
  • Task management - you can assign tasks to your employees, track their performance, make schedules, etc.
  • Knowledge management - all information on your clients and their complaints can be collected, presented and used as a knowledge base.
  • Analytics - every activity can be analyzed and reported with help of OLAP cubes

Organizing Customer Support System Workflow

Managing Customer Campaigns

Targeting clients at the right time, with the right offer, and through the right channel is not an easy task as it requires detailed planning and smart execution. Effective campaign management lets complete this task. Through managing customer campaigns your organization enhances the likelihood of contacting a customer or prospect most likely to take up a specific offer. Throughout the campaign management process you can clarify the campaign's objectives, scope, and target audience and define the requirements including cost, time, and quality. Successful execution of the process will improve your customer service and disclose the opportunities of superior client support.

Campaign as Project

Campaign management can be regarded as a project management process in which a campaign is a kind of project with a complete, planned course of action that achieves defined objectives in customer service. Once your organization understands and follows this idea, it can begin to use the powerful tools of project management (incl. activity scheduling, team collaboration, task management, work-in-progress analysis, etc.) for planning and running effective promotional campaigns and events. Then each campaign will be treated as a project. You can engage your personnel and even external specialists and organizations in collaborative projects, so that marketers, salespeople, technicians, business analysts, and other professionals will work jointly as a single project team towards achieving shared goals.

Project Management Solutions and Customer Support System by CentriQS

CentriQS provides leading project management solutions to help you manage the customer campaigns in your company. The software allows creating projects that manage each aspect of your campaigns. In the Projects view you can create a new project and specify it with tasks, schedules, members, documents and links, charts and diagrams, alerts, notes and comments, etc. Your project can be adjusted to the requirements of your customer campaign. As a project leader, you will view project changes, receive notifications, monitor task progress, track actually spent time, and also estimate time remaining to project completion. The project can be shared among multiple employees who are involved in your campaign and need to provide necessary contribution.

Customer Campaign and Project Management

Logging Employee Time

Customer support is challenging, and employees need to spend a great deal of time to process client requests and provide support service. Managers and supervisors need to register and log employee time in order to track service efficiency, measure time performance and also estimate amounts of rewards and bonuses. Time logging enables clear and accurate calculation of the working hours that customer support personnel actually spend on providing service and assistance.

Time Logs in CentriQS

CentriQS features the Time Logs view that helps employees to register the time they actually spend. As a manager, you can use employees' time logs to calculate job cost based on Duration and Rate. The Time Logs view also provides information on which clients are serviced and when. For greater convenience, you can group all time logs by needed columns, for example by 'Client'.

time logs rate cost

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