The better you know how your clients use your products or services today, the better you can market and sell to them tomorrow. Customer tracking software helps you follow this golden rule. It provides you with the ability for tracking issues and complaints, reporting on sales performance, managing client data in line with your needs, estimate the cost of customer service, and execute CRM projects and campaigns.


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Tracking Customer Complaints and Issue

In order to track your client requests, first of all you need to keep all related information in some digital repository that is easy to access and update. Customer tracking software lets you create a centralized client database in which you can store and manage all records and documents about your customers and prospects. Furthermore, you can share the content with other personnel who can easily access it over your local network or Internet.

Customer tracking software makes it possible to plan and manage support service activities. Each employee can develop schedules, plan appointments, track work progress, manage priorities, receive status updates, etc. As a manager, you can supervise employee tasks, track state of complaints and issues and leave your comments.

CentriQS offers customer tracking software solutions to let you:

  • Create, keep and manage client complaints and requests in one secure database
  • Categorize complaints by folders
  • Set different attributes including Project, Type, Impact, State, and more
  • Link files, web pages and entities to complaints and issue
  • Email an employee a notification when a complaint is assigned, changed or overdue
  • Make notes, leave comments and track history of changes

Track Customer Complaints

Reporting on Sales Performance

Reporting makes it possible to understand reasons of failure and estimate chances for success. By reporting on sales activities you can get a record of past performance to predict future business state. With help of customer tracking software the reporting process appears to be much easier and more functional. Such software allows you to build various reports for any period and for any client, product, salesperson, etc.

CentriQS customer tracking tool solutions put accurate, reliable sales and account information at your fingertips. It enables you to make reports for tracking leads and measuring sales performance. For example, you can use the Sales Analytics view to build spreadsheet-type reports on your monthly sales per salesperson and per client. Your reports can be visualized and presented as a diagram.

Report-on Sales Performance

Streamlining Data Management

Managing data that relates to your customers and prospects essentially impacts your ability to plan, track and analyze requests, tasks, projects, activities etc. When you find necessary piece of information in your client database with ease, you do your job much faster and thus the customer service gets improved. Customer tracking software lets you enjoy effective data management.

For instance, CentriQS provides you the following benefits:

  • Customer records can be categorized, filtered, searched, and sorted out
  • Save layouts into presets
  • Automatic assignments of tasks to users
  • A role-based system for managing user permissions
  • User roles/permissions are set and managed by administrators
  • Self-service password reset
  • Possibility to use Windows Active Directory for user authentication.

Customer tracking software

Estimating the Cost of Customer Service Effort

Estimating the actual cost of your customer service effort provided by your personnel is difficult enough. The cost can be easily underestimated or even distracted because of inaccurate job estimates, lost time records, etc. Meanwhile, this measure is critical as it is used in determining the amount of employee remuneration and also serves as one of the key performance indicators for estimating business efficiency. Besides, managers can use this KPI to generate recommendations for reducing expenses without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Using Time Logs for Cost Estimation

Actually spent time can be used as the basis for estimating the cost of employee effort made to customer service. CentriQS allows your to record and track working hours actually spent on separate tasks. When each worker begins a new task, time counting is started, and when the worker finishes the task or takes a break, time counting is stopped and a respective time log is created. This time log shows how much time the worker spent on the task. The total of all time logs for all tasks of all employees involved in providing customer service will represent the overall task duration. You can multiply the overall task duration by average job rate to calculate the overall cost of collaborative effort made to customer service. If you need to estimate the cost of individual effort per employee you can multiply the total of employee's time logs by individual job rate.

Estimate the Cost of Customer Service Effort

Enjoying CRM Project Management

When you establish and strengthen customer relationships, you need to manage multiple projects and campaigns that are intended to improve customer satisfaction and address the needs of your target audience. CRM project management makes it possible to plan feasible and cost-effective campaigns through managing competing priorities of time, resources, and quality.

Managing CRM projects is extremely important to business success, and here's why:

1. Adaptability

As sales companies change faster than other business organizations, they need to foster their ability for adaptation in new circumstances, and CRM project management will be the best way to control and respond to changes occurring in current sales campaigns promotional events.

2. Success Criteria

Businesses need to be judged or evaluated agents certain standards in order for managers and owners to identify current achievements and explore potential for improvement and growth. Success criteria reflect the business expectations that must be met and serve as indicators of business development. Performance of CRM projects can be used as success criteria in business - when an organization completes its projects and campaigns as required it gets more chances to improve customer satisfaction and reach business success.

Customer Tracking Software with CentriQS

CentriQS allows you to plan, manage and track projects and campaigns that drive CRM in your company. The software enables use of tasks, schedules, files, diagrams, records and other tools to begin your CRM campaigns from scratch. Your personnel can participate in collaborative projects, share data, communicate with each other, exchange files, view project schedules, focus on their assignments, gather performance analytics, etc.

CRM Project Management with CentriQS

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