Enum (enumeration or enumerated type) is a data type that represents a set of named values. For example, the Priority enum can consist of the following values: Low, Normal, and High.

Note One enum can be used as a property of multiple entities within the same database. For example, enum Priority can be used as a property in such entities as Project, Task, Appointment.

To add an enum

1. Log on to the database in Configurator.

2. Right-click Enums, and then click Add Enum.

3. Enter the name in the Name box.

Note If you don't select the Flags check box, the new enum will allow users to click only one value, while if you select the Flags check box, the new enum will allow to select enum check boxes.

4. Right-click the enum you have added, and then click Add Enum Value.

5. Enter the Enum Value settings, and then click Save.

Note Enum with selected Flags check box requires the following values: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. (that is “2” raised to the power of “N”). By default the program automatically calculates the required values, so you don't need to enter them manually. Note that the All enum value, which allows users select all check boxes in one click, should be entered manually as a sum of all values. For example, the All value for five enum values equals 31 (1+2+4+8+16=31).

Tip By default, enum values are sorted the way they were entered. If you want to arrange your enum values in a different order, you need to use the Sorting box.

5. Click the General menu and click Commit.

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